By : School Principal

No dream is so fantastic that it cannot be true. The science fiction of the past is the reality of today. What we need to remember is that every drearm has a potential reality but to make it a reality, we need to work for it. Methodical work with definite procedure always brings the best result.

It has been our constant endeavour to promote a holistic way of life and Woodstock'eans are the achievers and go-getters. In pursuit of this objective, teachers have always desired a schedule to be followed by the students and this school diary is one such step in this direction. The examination in charge, Co-curricular Incharges and Academic Incharges have worked extremely hard to prepare the school calendar that will guide us for timely preparation in every field related to school activity. A general tendency is to ignore the school diary, which is not right at al!.

This simple booklet can make several things easy for you and keep you well informed. Use this diary regularly, the shortage of time will not be felt and the challenges will be raced with more confidence. We as teachers are fully aware of the challenges you normally face.

Challenges such as resistance, differences of opinion, shortage of time, examination phobia, peer pressure and sheer laziness. These challenges need cheerful facing. Doesn't sound easy, does it ? But then what else is the meaning of challenges? If you want the rewards to fall in your lap, dream with conviction and get on with the job of sculpting it with your own hands. Beyond your wildest dreams, lies the door to your potential reality. Create your ultimate reality with strength of focus and desire, that through your imagination, your expectation:; can be manifested in reality.

We all own one precious thing no one con take away from us - that is our name. Write it on this diary and this diary will help you complete the task you have planned. The bigger your dream, the greater the challenges on the way of realising it. Wish you all the success in realising your dreams.

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