Rules Of Conduct

Instructions for Nursery Section

A Hearty welcome to The Woodstock School.

  • The children should carry a bag which is clearly labelled and of convenient size to carry their tiffin boxes and almanac.
  • Snacks and drinks - The children must bring water in proper hygienic water bottle. The water bottle should be labelled. They should be easy to open and should not leak. A light, healthy, nutritious, easy to eat, snack is adequate. Gum, candy and chocolate are discouraged. Messy and oily food should be avoided and and fruit should be included.
  • Name tags - All item of uniform must be labelled including belts and ties to facilitate their return in case of misplacement. Please label your child's tiffin box, bag, bottle packet etc. clearly.
  • Safety and Precautions - The first three pages of the school diary must be filled in by the parents, before the child start coming to the school, as this information is useful to us. Expensive trinkets are not to be worn one by the child
  • Messages - Messages are sent home in the child's almanac, on bag, so please check for messages everyday. Also ask your child to tell you when he/she has a message for you.


Parents and students are requested to note the following school rules and adhere to them:

School Diary

  • It is compulsory for each student to possess a diary.
  • The student’s particulars on the first page must be duly filled and signed by the parents.
  • Each student is required to note down the day to day home assignment in it.
  • Parents are requested to see the remarks given in the diary. Especially these given after tests and sign them.
  • Parents are requested to contact the class or subject teachers after obtaining a prior appointment, or on the Saturdays meant for parent teacher interaction as mentioned, in case their ward is not making the desired progress.
  • In case of the loss of this diary, the second diary will be issued on a payment of Rs. 100/-

School Uniform

  • All students must come to school in proper uniform
  • Girls, are not allowed to wear jewellery, use cosmetics or nail polish, (long’ haired Girls) will make 2 plaits and others will make 2 ponytails Boys too, are not allowed to wear jewellery.
  • Boys, other than Sikhs, are required to have short hair, cut regular intervals.
  • There should be a name tag on sweaters and blazers.
  • School Trousers are permitted only for boys of classes IX and X even in summers.
  • Students must not disrespect the school uniform by disfiguring or tearing it.

Fee Instalment:

  • The quarterly fee Instalment should be deposited by the specified date to avoid late fee charges. Kindly refer to fee circulars.


  • Students are required to behave politely at all times.
  • Students must not scribble on desk or walls, damage school property in any other way, disfigure bulletin board and sprinkle colour/ink on walls. Any damage done will render the student liable for recovery of damages.
  • Indisciplined behaviour in the school bus will result in debarring the student from the bus facility.
  • Every student must bring his / her books, lab-coats and stationery to school.
  • Students are not allowed to drive to school
  • No late comers will be allowed into the school premises and no students will not be allowed to leave school without an authentic leave letter from parents / guardian.
  • Leave must be taken with prior written sanction. The name of any student. Who remains absent from school without leave for six consecutive days in liable to be struck off the rolls
  • No students shall indulge in any one of the following:
        a. Skipping /bunking
        b. Non-submission of assignments
        c. Disruptive behaviour
        d. Abusive language.
        E. Bullying.
        f. Open defiance and rude behavior
        g. Any form of violence
        h. Casteism, communalism or practice of untouchability.
        i. Bursting crakers, throwing colour or painting faces in school
        j. Carrying mobile phones and walkman (s) to school.
        k. Flaunting of money in school.
        l. Spitting in the school premises is forbidden
        m. Students must not carry deodorant to school.
  • Outside school, the students are expected to behave with dignity. They must not visit clubs, theaters or restaurants wearing the school uniform.
  • The violation of the school rules and code of conduct will be viewed seriously, including dismissal from the rolls of the school.
  • A student who uses unfair means in the examination will render himself / herself liable to such punishment as is considered necessary by the Principal.
  • it is the duty of all students to keep their class rooms and other places neat.
  • Before leaving the class room at the end of the day, they should arrange the desk and chairs properly and throw unwanted materials into the dust bin and then leave the class room.
  • children will not carry any currency for chips/biscuits etc. on way to school, while in bus. Parents are requested not to send any currency as fee, conveyance charges or any other charges through the bus drivers or conductors.
  • Kindly do not send any expensive gift items for distribution on birthday of you wards. We shall not permit anything more than 10/- maximum.