School Uniform

All students must come to school in proper uniform. Girls are not allowed to wear jewellery, use cosmetics or nail polish. Long' haired Girls will make 2 plaits and others will make 2 Ponytails. Boys too, are not allowed to wear jewellery.

Boys, other than Sikhs, are required to have short hair, cut at regular intervals. There should be a name tag on sweaters and blazers. School Trousers are permitted only for boys of classes VIII, IX and X even in summers. Students must not disrespect the school uniform by disfiguring or tearing it

Classes Girls Boys
Girls/Boys-VIII to X Grey School Shorts / Trousers, White School Shirt, Plain White Socks, Black Shoes, School Belt Grey School Skirt, White School Shirt, Plain White Socks, Black Shoes, School Belt
Classes Girls/Boys
VIII to X Grey School Trousers, Full Sleeves White School Shirt, School Tie and Belt, Grey School Sweater, Grey School Blazer
Classes Girls/Boys
White House *Color T-Shirt / Track Suit (Upper : Grey Jacket with white stripes / Lower : Black )/ White Sports Canvas Shoes
VIII to X The school students are divided into four houses:
  • Penumbra – (Yellow)
  • Negritta- (Green)
  • Valletta – (Red)
  • Marina – (Blue)

The parents are absolutely free to buy the uniform/ stationary from anywhere according to their wish from the open market.


(i) It is a mandatory for each child to possess school/sports uniform.
(ii) Each child must possess a sleeveless sweater and a blazer for winter uniform.
(iii) No child is allowed to enter the school without uniform even if he/she is coming for an extra class.
(iv) Students are not allowed to wear casuals on their birthdays.