The initial thought / conception of starting a school of our own was very impulsive and random. My Mother In Law Lt. Mrs. Suman Gupta who was a very dedicated teacher / house mistress at Scindia School for 30 years, unfortunately passed away while on duty.

After her untimely demise, suddenly a thought erupted and clouded us, that the best way to pay our homage to her would be to lay down a school. This thought was followed by a vision in anticipation, and an image of a “Happy School”, “Happy Classroom” started building and flashing in the mind…….lo and beholdThe Woodstock was born………… mentally…….

Then started the action and in a garage with no paraphernalia we opened “The Woodstock School”. The name was perceived and was a result of the love for music that Sandeep had. Woodstock is a place in the United States, which is well known for Musical concerts / Music festivals and hence The Woodstock School.

There was no looking back and we worked passionately, with hardly any funds. But with God’s benevolence and the blessings of elders, assisted with our hard work, devotion and passion, it bore fruits.

Today we are very proud to say that it holds a very good name in the school fraternity for its achievements.

Today it stands tall as a well-established CBSE affiliated school with a good strength, where children’s foundation is taken very seriously.