Guidelines For Parents

Note to Parents

  • We intend to build a bridge of understanding and communication between the two most crucial aspects of a child's life i.e. the home and the school. For this we need an almanac. It is therefore imperative that the parents maintain this nexus by a regular reference to ensure that any information/relevant entries are communicated to them. On their part they are required to send the acknowledgement of the same information on the specified pages of their almanac.
  • We must observe that making any critical or derogatory remarks on the teaching methodology and home environment by either party is not the purpose. We must ensure that if any remark is made it should pertain strictly to the student's work and conduct. If required complaints/remarks may be conveyed through a separate letter addressed to the principal, who will certainly look into the matter and take action, if needed.
  • We genuinely wish to have 'paedo' Centered institution in the real sense of the word, if we really wish the teachers to be surrogate parents and the school to be the temple of education, we have to ensure that our almanac is used as an instrument to LINK