Buses are provided for commuting to school and for field visits organised by the school.

  • Be always punctual and present at the designated stop, five minutes prior to the scheduled time. Parents should not insist on derouting, fixing "STOPS" as per their convenience, or fetching the child from home.
  • Queue on the pavement in proper manner away from the rood.
  • Do not push or rush for the door get into the bus.
  • Find a seat and sit quietly without pushing or Jostling.
  • Maintain order inside the bus.
  • Speak to the driver only when he is not driving, or in an emergency. Remember excessive noise / loud music, can distract the driver.
  • Wait until the vehicle has completely stopped before alighting.
  • Make sure you have all your belongings before leaving the bus.
  • If you have to cross the road after getting the bus, allow the bus to move off before crossing the road.
  • Don't throw anything out of the windows.
  • If the vehicle breaks down, follow instructions given by the Driver / Teacher.
  • Do not take hands/head out of the window while travelling.
  • No student will be allowed to travel on another bus or take any other transport without a letter of authority from the guardian.
  • If the child misses the bus it is the parent's responsibility to drop him / her to school.